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the body of the word



in japan there is a two-term word–“mizugo”–which translates loosely to “water children”.

inside japanese language and culture there is a … space for children who did not live long enough to enter the world as we live in it.

there are rituals for mothers and families, practices and prayers for the water children.

there are shrines where a person can visit and deliver words and love and offerings to the water children.

i am about to finish my first novel.

after six years, i know her.

i know what the novel is about.

smally, underneath its layers of story, it is a prayer to my daughter who died, lily.

i am making a space in the world for my water child.

i have made a book for you, lily.

love mamma



  1. When I was in Japan I visitied a shinto temple specifically for dead children. All the mourners bring a stone and leave it there. My friend said that the stone is litterally the stone in their hearts. You should have seent he piles and piles of stones. I didn’t dare take a picture. This is your stone.

    Comment by Caitlin | August 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. thank you c. warm.

    Comment by lidiaohlidia | August 24, 2007 | Reply

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