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hey tea party morons: suck on a pair.


yeah so GO TEAM to all you tea party whack jobs for your intelligence, wisdom, and honorable behavior (you too, joe mouth wilson).  i just can’t tell you how proud i am of you as americans. i see what you mean now about patriotism and honor.  sorry you had to wait so long for the right president to draw out your true patriotism…care for a holy wafer and white hood?

oh and thanks for not giving the new darwin movie distribution in america….PHEW.  that was a close one. according to gallup, only 39 percent of us believe in evolution.  thanks for looking out for us.

it’s not that i mind your exercising your freedom of speech and right to protest.  nor your theatricality–i’m a big fan of gay pride parades, so why would i criticize you for your flamboyance.  nice outfits and guns, by the way.

it’s more your strange habits of speech and fear of critical thinking–apparently even fear of dictionaries–tendencies that were so magnificently illuminated in the mouths of george bush and sarah palin.

socialist?  a muslim marxist?  a government takeover?  taxation without representation?

have you people given up reading books? do you have any understanding of the american revolution?  of geo political definitions? including liberal capitalism? anyone ever heard of public schools, medicare, social security, or the fucking post office?

yeah.  and this from the huffington post:

The South Carolina Congressman’s campaign website says he is “PASSIONATE ABOUT STOPPING GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE!” But, apparently, not so passionate that he won’t accept the free, top-flight government-run health care he gets as a retired Army National Guard colonel. Wonder if his insurance plan covers getting his hypocrisy removed?

after months of not blogging so that i could finish a book, i’d like to say i’m back.  oh and you can bite me, too.

one last thought:  who you calling illegal immigrant, pilgrim.

love lidia

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