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the blindspots of leaders

and what will we do when the leadership in the country changes? will it be a real change? or must we admit that we are hiring yet another politician to inhabit the chair, the house, the position of authority, a prized fiction?

will we do anything?

clap, maybe?

i have failed to come to the hope that many of my dearest friends have championed. failed.

i have hope, but not in politicians.

i do not want to place my hope in their hands, because i have my own hands, and i believe more in my hands than i do their mouths. and i believe that if we want change, we have to do something besides give someone else the power to do something.

listening to the barack/hillary debate this week made me sad.

the blindspots that remain for me when i hear barack and hillary debate one another or campaign are glaring as the sun.

a list of things that make my heart beat faster.

that when an individual or a country causes harm to another entity it is the transference of degradation or humiliation which we carry inside ourselves.

that the ability to start or stop war is not the same as the ability to renounce the option.

that the greatest sins we identity in others are always attempts on their part to fill voids, or combat pain.

that equality is the public ennunciation that an equal degree of attention and compassion is due to the needs of all human beings. not some.

that america continues to identify with force over compassion.

that the suffering my country has caused others is more humiliating to me than the suffering that has been inflicted on my country by so called enemies.

that the church–all forms of organized religion–is a damaging force on the human condition and on individuals.

that manual and intellectual labor are not opposites, are not in danger of harming one another.

that human suffering as a result of oppression is the only enemy.

that repressive justice is as bad as “crime.”

that attaining power and owning are acts of violence.

that “vital economic interests” and “security interests” of a nation are cover stories for owning and destroying.

i don’t hear our leaders bringing about change. i think perhaps they are bringing about style, fashion, and celebrity. i think perhaps they will look different in skin or gender but serve the same systematized forms of power our country was founded on.

don’t talk to me about hope unless you are ready to look down, rather than up. the looking up makes us feel better about not having to do anything ourselves.

oh and voting? voting is the absolute LEAST we can do…

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hillary clinton said “gay!”

i’m totally celebrating.

yes she’s desperate, yes it’s probably the first step in her swan song, but at least someone said they support gay people. i was beginning to think our beloved candidates were too chicken shit to speak the words.


and thank you mj.

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